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Andy Burrow - Picture Abilene

Abilene, TX.

With some 40 years working behind a camera, I can be a very versatile photographer. From A-Z  I have photographed it more than likely.

Doing commercial work and for hire photographer. A professional shooter for hire for several photographers that come thru Abilene. Traveling to Dallas as a professional shooter for hire. Working with Nikon equipment 98% of the time. Well schooled in lighting using Paul Buff equipment. Extensive background in Photoshop editing and graphics and can sell with the best of them. While in the Air Force got the chance to do air to air photography that I did enjoy. And now on the ground any thing goes.  

Areas of expertise to include Weddings. Wedding is where I really began my career in photography. Enjoy working with people and a veteran of 150+ weddings. And still enjoy them to this day. Real Estate and Cars for website sales 10 years experience, Sports of all kinds, Rodeo Arena, and Portraiture, if you can name it I have probably photographed it at one time or another. Commercial and website photography for businesses in and around Abilene for a number of years.  Please contact me, so that we can discuss your special needs and how we can work together to accomplish them. Custom graphics for any project to Business cards, Flyers, Calendars and Head Shots are available.The only limit is the imagination & quick turn around's are normal. 

Retired United States Air Force photographer with 22 years service as a Air Force photographer. Been around the world at least twice with a camera. 40 plus years covering weddings, portraiture, cars and real estate, events, sports or action photography of all kinds. From aircraft to sports of all kinds. The faster it goes the more I like it. 


Working out of Abilene, Texas. Currently working with Nikon D4 system, to include wide angle, short telephoto, and long telephoto and super telephoto equipment. Can shot in available light or can light a entire set to create a more of a studio quality photograph. Focal lengths range from  14mm to 800mm full frame. Dx frame from 21mm to  3200mm. 

Digital Images are for Sales from Commercial Reproduction to Face Book 


.JPG - Digital Image - Email Friendly  (Facebook)
.JPG - Digital Image - Full Resolution (magazine production) 

Frame Number via Thumbnail: From the thumbnail gallery hold mouse pointer over picture and it will give you the frame number. Or click on thumbnail and it will take you to the medium size proof. Then while viewing medium size proof, hold mouse pointer over the top left corner and you will see the send link selection.

SENDING LINK: From medium size proof, hold mouse pointer over the top left corner and click on send link. Send me the link of the picture information to my email at hatch721abg@gmail.com and include your contact information in your email and I will contact you and we can discuss all options and packages.

NEED HELP: Simple, call me 325 338-5540 and I will walk you through the process. We will both need to be in front of our computers for this to work.

TRAVEL: Willing to travel to your location for assignments. Call me and we can discuss your needs and the when and where to the assignment and any extra's that you might need.

If you are interested in using any of my work in any form of publication, private or commercial, feel free to contact me through email or cell phone.